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Karimnagar is 165 Kilometers from Hyderabad, 70 kilometers from Warangal, 60 Kilometers from Godavari Khani. The nearest Airport was Begumpet Airport which is not functioning currently. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad which is approximately 200 kms from Karimnagar is the nearest Airport. There is a proposal for airports in Warangal and Godavari Khani. There is a Rail Connection from Karimnagar to Peddapalli and from Godavari Khani to Northern India.

City Info

Karimnagar District Map


Karimnagar District Map

KARIMNAGAR in Andhra Pradesh

Region : Telangana

Pin Code : 505001

Telephone STD Code : 91-878 or 0878

Vehicle Registration : AP 15


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